BMW Keyclone Theft In Essex

Do you use one of these keys to lock and unlock & start your car? You should be worried due to people damaging the lock barrel in the drivers door or removing the window glass to access the OBD port which allows a computer to plug in and clone the original key which can be [...]

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Motorbike Alarms | Thatcham Approved Cat 1

Looking after your motorbike has never been so important with so many motorbike thefts taking place in Essex, You could go out on your bike for the afternoon and never see it again. You should have an alarm and a tracker fitted. An alarm will alert everyone nearby with a very loud siren and flash [...]

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Ford Transit MK7 Thatcham Alarm | Ford Approved | Cobra Alarms

Protecting your Ford Transit should be one of the first things in mind when buying one of these vans. The theft rate is very high and most people want a (Cheap) alarm to protect the vehicle and I can tell you there is no point in getting a cheap security system which can be turned [...]

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Sterling Thatcham Cat 1

The Sterling Thatcham Cat 1 alarm and immobiliser system is an outstanding alarm that gives you the best protection like the industry leading Toad AI606, The only features this alarm doesn’t have is the extra sensor ports on the main control box (ECU) and it don’t have the 4 button remotes due to it not [...]

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Scorpion Track Review | Scorpion ST50 Stolen Vehicle Recovery

The best tracker ever made in the UK? Yes it is.. Due to the amount of technolgy that went into designing this product and the excellent support from Scorpion UK the customer is always left with a smile on there face. With a system that allows tracking from the customers smartphone and desktop PC tracking [...]

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Ford Fiesta MK7 / MK8 Security Upgrades

These cars are a massive target due to the simple flat key design they are very easy to open the drivers door within 15 seconds. The downside to this major fail in original security is if it has the standard Ford horn alarm it will also disarm this also. You now have a opened vehicle [...]

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