Ford Focus RS Viper Alarm Upgrade

<img class="aligncenter wp-image-624" src=" this website.jpg" alt="Focus RS Alarm Upgrade" width="383" height="255" /> The Ford Focus RS and ST models are becoming much more of a target with being able to program a new key and simply drive your vehicle away. Customers think there car is protected with the alarm Ford has fitted as factory [...]

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Scorpion Parking Sensors

Scorpion Automotive not only make alarms, they also make parking sensors made and developed in the UK research center. They have been made for years but these great pieces of kit are not majorly known like Steelmate for example. The kit is four sensors which can be colour coded if needed plus they are very [...]

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Gemini Fiat Ducato Can-Bus Motorhome Alarm

The most advanced alarm the motor home market has ever seen. With an alarm designed with your vehicle in mind how can you go wrong choosing the Gemini Thatcham Approved alarm system. With a special mount made just for the siren and bonnet switch you can be assured no holes will be drilled in your [...]

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Ford Mondeo ST220 Alarm Upgrade

A slightly older car now being run from 2002 - 2007 but the ST220 is still a big target for stealing the wheels or stripping the cars down for parts. With these vehicles you have two options which can be used to upgrade the original ST220 vehicle security. First solution is to add a plip [...]

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VW Transporter T5 Covered With DB All

The guys at Clifford HQ have now got the very latest DB All data module with all the data information ready to be pre loaded. You may be asking why do you need one of these modules for your vehicle. Well more and more customers are carrying out modifications on these vehicles. Some want remote [...]

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Citroen Relay & Fiat Ducato Thatcham Alarm Upgrade

If you have a Citroen Relay or Fiat Ducato made after 2007 you should be looking to upgrade the security on your vehicle. These have been getting targeted the same as many Ford's and the method they use is lock picking with a ghost key. Years ago many people would break into van's by hammering [...]

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Disable VW/Audi Alarm and Deadlocking

Audi and VW vehicles from 2004 have been getting targeted in many ways but the latest trick which is being used is a quick and easy method to completely enter the vehicle with no noise or alarms sounding. The way people are gaining access into these cars is they are getting under the front of [...]

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2015 Ford Transit Alarm Upgrade

  Clifford are first to the scene on this one with there highly reliable Can-Bus alarm. This alarm works perfectly with all the Can-Bus data on the new Ford Transit 2015 model. And the impressive part is it all works with the original remote control giving you the very best functionality. This system will protects [...]

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What Is Euro Cylinder Key Bumping

This is a very common practice on cheap van locks which don't use an anti bump cylinder. All you need is a blank euro cylinder key which is then filed down into triangles, you then insert the key into the cylinder and leave a quarter on the key still exposed from the cylinder. You then [...]

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Locks 4 Vans Deadlock Lubricant

When you have had van deadlocks installed it's important to remember you need to lubricate the locks. Where your van is always on the move and getting constantly wet and frozen this can effect lock performance in terms of the pin's inside the euro cylinder being clunky or stiff, when you don't oil your locks [...]

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