Auto Watch Keyguard Review

  So you have a high end car and a very good alarm system but how do you disarm your car alarm? You use the original remote fob which is with the vehicle keys, When stealing a vehicle most of the time they will break into your house during the night and simply drive the [...]

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CobraTrak Review

The Italy made Tracking systems are very reliable and they are one of the best on the market, With there anti jamming gps and anti jamming GSM they are very secure to have fitted onto your vehicle. The Cobratrak systems are suggested by Audi, Seat, Renualt,Hummer, Bugatti, Bentley and Nissan. Cobra is the largest security [...]

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Car Alarm Repairs in Essex

Been getting false alarms or your car has immobilised and can't start it? When a car alarm gets old it can cause problems if the alarm has not been serviced or its been installed badly, one point to note is just because an alarm fitter says he is a professional it doesn't mean he is. [...]

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Cobra Can-Bus Alarm Review

  The Cobra Can-Bus alarm is suited to new vehicles made after 2005 this system works on a mix of Can-Bus data control and manual feed wires, This system works perfect on all Can-Bus vehicles and if there is any problem on the Can-Bus line it can be wired to a plip upgrade system if [...]

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Sigma S30 Review

  The Sigma S30 is the top Thatcham Cat 1 made by Scorpion UK, They have been around for many years and car brands have taken this brand on as standard it comes standard fit on most subaru's this is there latest model with the very small compact siren and smaller control box ecu, The [...]

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RAC Trackstar TM470 Review | RAC Trackstar TM470 Fitted Essex

  Trackstar has been approved in the UK by the major car brands like Jaguar, BMW, Land Rover. The system has been around for many years and has got better and better since it’s latest release which is a very small unit and heatshrink crimp connectors which are designed for cars where soldering is not [...]

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Cobra Cat 2 Immobiliser Review

The Cobra Cat 2 Immobiliser system is very secure as standard with it's welded steel closed box and its black wiring loom once fitted into your vehicle it makes it very hard for someone to attempt and try to bypass this system, Its a very reliable and rock solid piece of equipment from Cobra being [...]

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BMW Most Stolen Cars In Essex

Got a BMW? well you should now think about getting a tracker installed. They are the most popular cars to get stolen and striped for parts. Watchdog featured a tv program in the UK last year showing how easy it was to remove the front window glass and access the OBD port allowing the theft [...]

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Land Rover Defender Theft In Essex

So you have brought a Defender and now you are worried sick about leaving the vehicle or it getting stolen. The answer is you should be! This is one of the top 10 vehicles to get stolen in the UK and they are very simple to bypass the original security system which is a basic [...]

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Toad AI606 – T2 Review

<img alt="" src="" width="320" height="300" border="0" /> You may have read Max Power or Fast Car a few years ago and seen the Toad taking the market by storm? It still is today offering the market leading reliability and performance it did many years ago. The Toad has a more compact siren and offers thinner [...]

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