Cobra G198 Review

  The Cobra G198 is a Thatcham 2-1 Thatcham approved alarm which don't work off the original remote controls, It has 2 remote controls that come with the unit programmed as standard. The way the system works is alongside the vehicles original car or vans immobiliser system if the vehicle was made after 1996, This [...]

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Cobra 4138 Review

  The Italian made Thatcham Cat 1 alarm is one of the best manufactured and designed Cat 1 alarms in the world, With a loud siren and the most secure immobiliser system possible, You may ask why is this immobiliser not within the main alarm ECU, The reason being the immobiliser ECU is sealed with [...]

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Scorpion SA10 Keyless Entry Review

  The Scorpion SA10 is just a little more than a regular keyless entry kit, It offers basic security of indercator flash when locking and also a car finder feature where you press a button and the vehicles indercators light up for a few seconds to allow a visable light output to help you find [...]

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Scorpion SA 30 Review

  The Scorpion SA 30 is the most improved and advanced car alarm and immobiliser system on the market today. This alarm features a very bright Blue LED which is like the Clifford brand of alarm systems and has adjustable ultrasonic interior protection sensors and an adjustable shock sensor to warn people away if they [...]

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Cobra G193 Alarm Review

The Cobra G series is the most advanced Cobra alarm systems ever made, It uses ACE rolling code remotes which stops the code being caught and being used against your car. They have also included the latest ultrasonic set within the Cobra G193's box which auto adjusts to the exact size of the vehicle within [...]

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What is Thatcham Cat 5

People get confused over Thatcham Cat 5 where there vehicle insurer have requested they have one of these tracking and immobiliser systems installed onto their vehicle. With Thatcham Cat 5 they are very expensive and also the subscriptions are costly. These systems are fitted onto the vehicle and they are similar to the Thatcham Cat [...]

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Viper 5204V Viper Remote Start and Security Review

Viper have just redesigned the latest Viper 5204V which is a full remote start and security system and it features a huge amount of extra's which can be add on sensors like the dual zone microwave sensor or the tilt sensor to protect your alloy wheels. This system can be fitted to brand new vehicles [...]

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Motorbike Trackers Essex

Got the motorbike you have always wanted but now you are worried sick incase it goes missing? Motorbikes are stolen a huge amount in the UK due to the bikes being very easy to pick up and put into the back of a van. The theft rate of motorcycle crime is at an all time [...]

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Toad 101CL Review

  A simple alarm from Toad but a very effective basic alarm which will give your car very good protection. Featuring an 120db siren and ultrasonic interior protection to protect the interior of your vehicle. When this system has been fitted it will protect all doors, boot, bonnet. The system also features¬† the very high [...]

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