Datatool Digi Gear Indicator Review

When riding your motor bike most rider's like to know what gear is selected this product would also be good for track racing days to know which gear the bike is currently in when your racing.  This can work with motorbike's with up to 8 gear box gears as standard, The unit is fully programable [...]

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Thatcham Deadlocks Review

  Worried about leaving you van in a bad area? you should be van theft is at an all time high and the deadlocks offer just that a little bit more protection and an added attack time if your vehicle is getting broken into. The Thatcham approved range from locks 4 vans offer an anti [...]

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Sigma S32 Plip Upgrade Review

  The very simple but very effective Sigma Plip upgrade alarm is suited to cars which have a factory remote for locking and unlocking your vehicle as standard and it is designed to work alongside your car or vans locking commands. When you simply press the lock button on the vehicles remote the Sigma alarm [...]

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Datatool S1 Motorbike & Scooter Immobiliser Review

  The Datatool S1 Thatcham approved Cat 2 immobiliser is perfect for older or newer style Motorbikes and Scooters, The main immobiliser ECU is solid ABS plastic which helps provent bypassing in an attack. The immobiliser loop sits behind plastic trim anywhere on the motorbike or scooter making it very hard for someone to walk [...]

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Datatool Trakking Motorbike Tracker Review

  Did you know your motorbike has twice the chance of getting stolen over a car. Datatool have put there best engineering into this product to make sure you have a really well hidden tracking device that is small and very hard to find. The Datatool Trakking product is fully Thatcham approved Cat 6 and [...]

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Sterling Touch Immobiliser Cat 2 Review

  The Sterling Cat 2 Immobiliser system made by Scorpion UK is very a like to the Cobra 8510 with the same style touch key which pushes on to the fitted LED to disarm the immobiliser system for 30 seconds. This then allows you to start the vehicle and drive away, The only time the [...]

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Digitek Motorbike Alarm Products in Essex

  The Digitek Motorbike alarm system is a very high quality alarm from Italy but it features an extra security advantage where a PIR sensor can be mounted in your garage or bike shed and it will have a digital wireless link to the motorbike alarm and when it detects movement in your garage or [...]

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