Smartrack Protecter Pro Review

  The Smartrack Protector Pro has won many awards for being one of the cheapest GPS insurance approved tracking devices in the UK. Tested by Thatcham as a sold and secure device so you know you are getting a reliable product, The device has been re designed a couple of times to improve the product [...]

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Thatcham Cat 5 Approved Installer Essex

  When you need a Thatcham Cat 5 installer in Essex it's hard to find an installer due to no other dealer in the Essex area being Thatcham Cat 5 approved. We have taken the time out to better ourselves over the rest and provide you with a high quality service for your prestige car. [...]

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Thatcham Cat 5 ScorpionTrack

Buying a vehicle worth over £90.000 and you may be asked to have a Thatcham Cat 5 approved tracking system, these systems are not your everyday stolen vehicle tracking system. They have a secure ID card which has to enter the vehicle with you before turning the ignition on. Once the vehicle is started without [...]

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Clifford Blackjax Review

It's been known for many years in the UK, It was featured in Max Power and Fast Car on a monthly basis to make sure everyone kept there car protected without spending massive amounts of cash. The idea behind this system was a pin number that is entered if the car door is opened when [...]

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Datatool Battery Smart Charger Review

  When you own a motorbike it is not always used it might be a summer or weekend toy, Keeping the battery in a good state of charge can sometimes be a challenge in itself, The Datatool smart charger will always keep your battery in a fully charged state and it will only start recharging [...]

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