SmartStart Bluetooth Review

The Viper Smartstart by directed was a major leap forward in security and remote start technology where your smartphone is the remote to your car. This is a feature people have been looking for and Directed have made a product that is very reliable and well made to make sure you get the very best [...]

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Tracker Retrieve Battery Powered Review

The Battery Powered Tracker Retrieve is an excellent little tracking device that is Thatcham approved and provides great protection for your vehicle. Many people use these devices if they have a classic car or a weekend toy which they don't want the battery level dropping. This tracker runs on it's own power and takes nothing [...]

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Tracker Monitor Review

  The Tracker Monitor unit is very cheap and does the job of basic vehicle tracking. It is a very small unit which has an RF cable which is run inside the vehicle to give the police a tracking signal if the tracker is activated. The tracker has no web based login or manual user [...]

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Tracker Locate Review

The brand Tracker has been around for well over 20 years now. The first stolen vehicle and recovered was by Tracker UK. They have been known for there very strong RF tracking technology which is a very robust signal that can still work past metal or lead once the unit is activated. But since then [...]

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