TOAD Window Closure PWC-402

This tiny module offers window closure and can be linked to many types of alarm systems. It is made and engineered by the Scorpion group and its hand made and built in the UK. The module has a 12volt out put for 4 windows but this module does need to be fitted by an auto [...]

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545T Automated Headlights & Wipers Review

  The DEI 545T is a very good piece of kit which is not really pushed in the UK market but it is massive in the USA. This is a great little add on for any security installation which gives you original style extra's which cost a major amount of money when these are done [...]

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DEI 506T Glass Break Review

  The DEI 506T is a very effective and small sensors that is reliable and will give you very good protection unlike many others on the market. Some of the ways vehicles are targeted a shock sensors will not always trigger due to how a window is smashed or the door can be bent back [...]

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DEI 508D Review

The DEI 508D is the dual zone proximity sensor suited to all Viper and Clifford alarm systems to give you the very best security for your pride and joy. The dual zone proximity means it protects 2 zones around your vehicle. The outer zone is set up to make a warn away tone if some [...]

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DB All Review

The DB All interface is the biggest piece of technology Directed electronics have released in years. It allows the most advanced form of vehicle 2 way communication and it will allow any Viper product to work with your vehicle perfectly. People think does this make it an easy installation sadly this is not the case [...]

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