Ford KA alarm upgrade

The new style Ford KA has now been around since 2009 and they are still a target due to there expensive parts that thefts remove from the vehicle to sell at a high profit. The vehicle can come as a base model which features no central door locking or it can come as a full [...]

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Peugeot Expert 2014 Alarm Upgrade

The 2014 Peugeot Expert still features the same weakness as the older van's such as the same lock locks and handles which have been targeted for years on this model.  The vans are very nice and look very nice on the appearance side.  which means plumbers and builders commonly use these vans. The problem is [...]

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DEI Bitwriter Tool Review

Why choose an engineer with an official Clifford bitwriter tool when installing your most advanced security system. The system can be set up in a more advanced way when using this tool due to being able to adjust settings you wouldn't be able to with a regular alarm programming menu. If you have ever tried [...]

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How are BMW’s Stolen by OBD

BMW's have been in the news for a while now regarding how easy they are to steal. They used to require a very expensive diagnostic machine which would program a new key into the vehicle to control the door locking and alarm and will be able to start the vehicle. But now in China someone [...]

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