Siren Mounting Location?

Mounting a car alarm siren can be challanging at the best of times. With engine bays with very small amounts of room no matter where you look. Taking the time to find a good location can be the diffrence between a car alarm that can be silenced in seconds. Or a car alarm that performs [...]

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Parking Sensors Essex

Did you know Car Alarms Essex provides parking sensors supplied and fitted in Essex, We provide a range of budget clip in style sensors to the very high end flush mount sensors. Parking sensors are a fantastic investment to protect and enhance the resell value at a later date.  The average UK bumper repair is [...]

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Cobra 4198 Review

The Cobra 4198 not only saves you money, but it offers superior protection. The only difference between the 4198 and the 4138 is the immobiliser module. Meaning it still features a full battery back up siren, full on-board locking, ultra sonic interior protection. The Cobra 4198 is made in Italy and has the same build [...]

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