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Pandora Immo Review

The Pandora Immo is becoming more popular in the UK due to it being the most advanced immobiliser in the UK right now. The Immo works as an immobiliser plus a anti hijack device giving 2 products in one. The device works by looking for an active ADR tag when the ignition is switched on. [...]

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Pandora Mini BT Review

The Pandora Mini has hit the market by storm and offers excellent security. The device is tiny and as such can be taped up within a vehicles loom without being seen by car thieves by removing trim panels when under attack. The Pandora Mini offers so much protection even though it is more than likely [...]

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Pandora DX-91 BT LCD Remote

Pandora Car Alarms in Russia have just released there all new Pandora DX-91BT. This system looks exactly the same as the Pandora Light Pro but with the all new rechargable remote control ( which to be honest was needed due to the 1 x AAA battery lasting around 4 months. This new remote looks outstanding [...]

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Landrover Defender Thatcham Cat 2 Immobiliser Fitted Essex

The Land Rover Defender is a common vehicle to be stolen in the Essex area. We always recommend upgrading the security on these vehicles for the best protection. Our customer decided an immobiliser was the only item required in order to secure there vehicle. This Immobiliser features all black wiring from the ECU giving secure [...]

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Renault Traffic Laserline Plip Alarm Upgrade Essex

The Renault Traffic is a very popular works van and there is still a huge amount of 2006-2014 shapes driving around on the roads today. Very limited amount of these vehices have an alarm as standard and as such tradesman look at ways on securing there vans. The best alarm suited to this vehicle is [...]

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Ford Focus RS MK2 Autowatch Ghost ADR

Many owners of the Ford Focus MK2 RS are very worried about theft. With thieves being able to clone a key within 30 seconds they are one of the main targets within the UK. Due to there increasing value they will still be a major target for years to come. This owner decided to go [...]

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Ford Focus RS Pandora Alarm Fitting

Own a Ford Focus RS? worried about the standard / factory security... You should be these Focus RS vehicles have been getting stolen all over the UK due to the keyless entry and the OBD port can be accessed to upload a new key into the vehicles ECU / BCM unit. Pandora have released perfect [...]

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Fiat 500s Cobra Alarm Fitting Essex

The Fiat 500s is very popular in the UK, Sadly more and more of these vehicles are getting stolen. These vehicles are attacked by picking the drivers door lock or by drilling a small hole below the drivers door handle to attack the locking rod. The thieves can enter these vehicles without making a sound. [...]

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Rear Mounted Van Microwave Sensor

The best add on you can fit to any van alarm system. The Rear load area microwave protects your tools incase the common attack of peal and steal is carried out on your vehicle. The way this sensor works is by emiting an RF field inside the rear load area in the back of your [...]

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Ford Transit MK8 Drivers Door Lock Upgrade Fitted Essex

You are more than likely aware the Ford Transit Custom and Ford Transit MK8 are having there drivers door locks ripped from the door or simply twisted to the left in order to gain access in to your vehicle without making a sound. This simple attack method takes seconds for anyone to carry out with [...]

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