VW Caddy Alarm Fitting Essex

The VW Caddy has been around for years and security has always been a little poor. The most common alarm we install on the Caddy is the Cobra Can-Bus alarm system, due to it being approved by VW as an aftermarket part. The alarm is designed to work alongside the original VW remote control. Meaning [...]

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Pandora Car Alarms

The Pandora alarms are taking the UK market by storm due to there advanced anti clone technolgy. They work on a much more secure wavelength known as 868MHz with an ultra encrypted rolling code platform. This has never been subject to any form of cloning or hacking due to the advanced methods Pandora are using. [...]

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Ford Focus ST Cobra ADR Alarm Fitted

The Ford Focus ST MK3 is a big concern owning one without any form of additional security. The MK3 Focus ST comes with a standard alarm factory fitted but it doesn't provide much in terms of protection against the latest craze used by thieves ( Known as key cloning ). The Cobra ADR alarm and [...]

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Autowatch Ghost Fitted Essex

If your looking for the Autowatch Ghost look no further we are fully approved Autowatch Ghost installers. The Ghost is taking the market by storm with its unique way of immobilising the vehicle via Can-Bus which is unlike any other immobiliser in the world. The Ghost is completely hidden within your vehicle and it doesn't [...]

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Meta VTS

The Meta VTS is the latest unit to meet all Thatcham requirements in 2018. Thatchan are removing Thatcham Cat 6 and Thatcham Cat 5 after 2018. Once we loose these units there will only be an all in one unit known as VTS this is a mixture of Thatcham Cat 5 and Cat 6 units [...]

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Smartrack Offer Direct Debt

Latest news is Smartrack now offer a direct debt for the subscription payments meaning they can be made in affordable payments as low as £12.49 per month. This gives you the ability to buy a car, have the tracker fitted then pay a low cost subscription. This takes the stress off you as a customer [...]

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Metatrak Cat 5

The Meta Trak Cat 5 has risen to one of the top tracking systems supplied in the UK. Due to it being very cost effective in terms of subscriptions it wins over many customers. With all new devices we are offering a 1 years free subscription with every Thatcham Cat 5 tracker fitted. After the [...]

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BMW Viper Alarm Essex

With the increased amount of vehicle thefts in the local Essex area. BMW’s are being targeted once again, its no real surprise after the BMW 3, 5 series and X5 are in the top 10 stolen vehicle list. We offer a range of alarms from Clifford and Viper which will wrap your BMW in total [...]

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Fords Are Getting Lock Picked

There has been major issues with Ford's being broken into in the Essex area. This is due to a large amount of thieves having Ford lock picks. There a cheap tool you can buy online which allows you to decode the lock cylinder on the drivers door. This applies to all the ford range of [...]

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Siren Mounting Location?

Mounting a car alarm siren can be challanging at the best of times. With engine bays with very small amounts of room no matter where you look. Taking the time to find a good location can be the diffrence between a car alarm that can be silenced in seconds. Or a car alarm that performs [...]

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