Clifford 650 MK2 Thatcham Cat 1

CONCEPT-650 MKII Thatcham Cat 1 UKClifford’s Thatcham Category-1 650 MK2 system meets and exceeds the highest standards of the UK insurance industry, Everyone asks is this the best cat 1 ever made and the simple answer is yes, No other alarm has even come close to winning as many awards as this system its won more than 8 in the last few years. It has never been updated for years and it still protects your car like no other system with its loud warn away tone you can’t go wrong getting this alarm installed to protect your vehicle and installing one may qualify you for discounted vehicle insurance as a result.

The Concept 650MkII’s built-in tandem immobiliser circuit is self-arming soon after you park so that your vehicle always remains protected, and these main electronics also reside in an armoured-steel enclosure as an added security measure.

The Concept 650MkII’s built-in dual immobiliser circuit is self-arming after turning the ignition off 30 seconds later the immobiliser activates so your vehicle always remains protected, and these main electronics also reside in an armoured-steel enclosure as an added security measure. Uniquely, this system is now offered with three separate sensor-package options so you can select the most suitable protection for your specific requirements; Choose from Ultrasonic interior movement sensing, Dual-Zone Proximity which includes external warn-away zone, or combined Glass Tamper and Tilt & Motion sensor packages – or perhaps even combine two or more options to be really secure!


  • Thatcham Approved (Category 1)
  • Dual-Circuit Immobiliser
  • Includes two new style 5-button Transmitters
  • On-board door Lock relays with double pulse lock/unlock capability
  • BlackJax Anti-Carjacking System
  • Dual-Zone Proximity Sensor
  • SSPS5 Battery Backup Siren with Data-link and 6-tone capability
  • Dome Light Supervision
  • 3 Programmable Aux channel outputs
  • Total Closure capability
  • Normally Closed Input
  • Programming upgrades (grid jump)
  • Programming upgrades (PIN free programming, grid jump, etc)

Clifford 330x Thatcham Cat 2-1 (Orignal Remote Plip Upgrade)

Clifford 330 Thatcham Cat 1 UK

This Clifford system was designed for years to make it the most advanced can-bus security system to ever reach the UK market, Directed has selected coders for their software to make sure it works alongside the vehicles electronics without errors or any problems. The system features a super bright blue LED which can be seen during the day or night and it also features a shock sensor to detect any sharp bangs to the vehicle. extra sensors can be added like tilt and warn away to give you that extra piece of mind.

The Clifford 330X1 New CANBUS enabled systems from Directed add full security to the factory keyless entry system. Clifford CANBUS security upgrade systems are vehicle specific. They are programmed with vehicle specific firmware that communicates directly with the OEM CANBUS system to monitor and interact with the electronic functions of the vehicle.

 This system works with Ford, VW, BMW, Mercedes, Vauxhall, Renualt and other brands from 2005 onwards, When you contact us we may need to check with directed to make sure it will work with your vehicle correctly so please have your vehicles year to hand.


  • Door, Boot, Bonnet and Ignition Protection
  • Ultrasonics Interior Movement Sensor
  • Battery Back Up Siren
  • Superbright LED
  • Flashes indicators
  • Horn Honk Output
  • AUX Output
  • Optional Sensor Input (MUX) Port

  This system offers protection for all doors, boot and bonnet along with interior protection and a shock sensor.

Clifford INTELLISTART 4 Remote Engine Start

Clifford INTELLISTART 4 Remote Engine Start

The ultimate convenience accessory, Suitable for manual and automatic gearboxes the IntelliStart 4 allows you to start the car before you get in. In the summer you can use IntelliStart to cool the car down via its air conditioning and in the winter use IntelliStart to warm both the engine and interior. Just the touch of a button starts the engine but leaves the doors still locked and the alarm still on.