Laserline 213 Thatcham Cat 1

Laserline Thatcham Cat 1

The Laserline Thatcham Cat 1 has been made for many years and it’s a very high quality made in Italy. The alarm has an override key and white ultrasonic sensors to match most modern vehicles. With a full battery back up siren which is very loud @120 DB. and very strong remote fobs you can be assured this system will last for many years.

Modular system
Waterproof high power battery back up siren
Two random code three button remote controls with long life lithium batteries
Two override touch keys
Panic facility
Automatic dual circuit immobilisation
Ultrasonic interior sensors(switchable)
Universal central locking control * some vehicles may require additional parts to opperate central locking*

Laserline 691T Thatcham Cat 2-1 Can-Bus

Laserline Thatcham Cat 2-1 Can Bus

The laserline Can-Bus systems are designed to work with your car or vans original factory remote key fob to allow arming and disarming of the upgrade system. With a compacted battery back up siren it can be hidden well within the engine bay. With the system also featuring an override key if your original key fob is damaged.

Modular Can Bus system
Utilises the vehicle maufacturers original remote controls to securely arm and disarm the alarm
Waterproof high power battery back up siren
Two override touch keys
Vehicle Can Bus data pre-installed
Installer selectable vehicle make and model applications
Ultrasonic interior sensors(switchable)
Flashing LED