Sterling Thatcham Cat 1

Sterling Thatcham ApprovedScorpion Automotive did a stunning job making the Sterling Thatcham Approved Cat 1 system, It is the same quality as the Toad but don’t feature inputs or outputs or the 4 button remotes like the Toad series. This system is still fully loaded and will protect your vehicle the same as any Toad or Sigma series of alarms. The Alarm has a very loud back up battery siren and the black sleek ultrasonic sensors. The fobs are very nice and have been proven to last for many years giving trobble free service.

The system also features a RED led which flashes when the alarm is armed to let people know your alarm is active and armed. The alarm also has a pin override incase the main control fob battery goes flat you can enter the number by the vehicles ignition barrel to do a one time system bypass. The main alarm/immobiliser unit is protected by the solid metal housing which is screwed or bolted down in your vehicle. With full onboard locking you can have the alarm controlling your vehicles door motor locking with the push of a button.

The Sterling system comes with a full insurance certificate and silver Sterling window stickers which make people aware you have an alarm protecting the vehicle.