Having a tracker installed years ago was a vehicle owners choice but now most insurance companies won’t even insure a car or van unless you have a Thatcham approved tracking device installed in your vehicle. Once a Thatcham tracker has been hidden correctly in your vehicle you can rest assured your vehicle will be back to you in no time if it was stolen. All Thatcham trackers come with a subscription as standard and this needs to be paid every year to keep the vehicle being tracked 24 hours a day and 365 days per year. If the vehicle was reported stolen to the tracking center you have to phone the police for a crime number and once this is passed on they will send out the traffic police to get your pride and joy back in safe hands.

With the Scorpion Track system we supply you can also go onto your smartphone and track your vehicles current location. This is a great feature if the kids take the car out for the weekend or you simply want to keep an eye on your motor. We favor the Scorpion system over the rest due to the highest quality engineering and the very best electronics being used at all times, These systems feature noise filters to stop issues with DAB which many other trackers don’t have when this system is installed you won’t have any issues with it effecting your car or it’s performance. Scorpion is a UK based company and offers the very best customer support and service. You will be pleased to hear the Scorpion Track system is also made in the UK not just one single component the whole unit is made here by UK engineers.

Car Tracker Essex

Scorpion Track offer a range of dedicated GPS tracking systems to suit various types of vehicles. If you want the best this is the tracking device for you, Their tracking systems cater for cars, lorrys, plant equiptment, motor bikes and boats.

Scorpion Track is Thatcham Category 6 Rated and is therefore Quality Assured. This means it is accepted by all major insurance companies as a insurance approved GPS tracking system. European cover is standard and the subscripion prices are the lowest in the UK £130 pa *conditions apply*

The system is also backed with a full 5 year warranty so you can be sure you are buying a high quality product which will last and perform like no other in its class. Scorpion use 3D GSM fixing if the GPS signal is jammed or the GPS is in a poor area and 3D GSM fixing is very good on this unit and you can pin point the vehicle down to a few meters.

Tracker Smartphone features

With this system you can view your car or van on your smartphone and check its location at anytime when the ignition has been switched off. It also offers advanced key theft which means your phone can alert you when the vehicle is started when you have set up a keytheft alert when you have logged into the Smartrack user interface.

Smartrack Tracker

Want an affordable Thatcham Cat 6 approved tracking system, Smartrack have been around since 2008 and they provide stolen vehicle recovery systems they have a proven record of recovering vehicles once a theft has taken place.

There Protecter Pro unit offers the basic protection needed like a tilt sensor which is activated if the vehicle is towed or lifted and a battery back up battery. The Smartrack unit is a small black box with all black wiring for the highest security. All units come with a 3 year warranty as standard.

They offer 1 year subscription @ £149 or lifetime of vehicle ownership @ £399

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