2015 Ford Transit Alarm

Clifford are first to the scene on this one with there highly reliable Can-Bus alarm. This alarm works perfectly with all the Can-Bus data on the new Ford Transit 2015 model. And the impressive part is it all works with the original remote control giving you the very best functionality. This system will protects all the doors on the vehicle including the sliding and rear doors. along with protecting the bonnet and the interior using there industry proven ultrasonic sensors giving you the best coverage. With the Clifford systems you always get the bright blue LED giving you a very good visual deterrent. The Can-Bus alarm also has a revenger 6 tone siren which will grab peoples attention if your vehicle is being targeted or broken into. With Ford vehicles they have always been mastered by thief’s in no time at all due to them being one of the most popular vehicles on the road. Vans are a high target in many area’s due to most trades leaving between 2000-4000 pounds of tools in the vehicles, you should always have your van secured by an alarm to give you the very best chance of not being targeted.

With car and van alarms you should always be very careful which alarm you are having fitted due to the fact some alarms are designed for older vehicles and are not really designed for the latest and brand new vehicles on the road. When you contact us we know the very best solutions for your vehicle security and this is the case with the brand new 2015 Transit.