Light and Wiper SensorThe DEI 545T is a very good piece of kit which is not really pushed in the UK market but it is massive in the USA. This is a great little add on for any security installation which gives you original style extra’s which cost a major amount of money when these are done at the dealers. This cleaver little system brings the headlights on automatically in the dark and when it becomes light again they simply turn off without any input from the driver. This DEI 545T can also be linked into the vehicles wiper motor to bring the wipers on when it starts raining. This is a very good device which should be fitted if you looking for them little extra add-ons you wouldn’t normally find from other sellers in the UK.

The only downside is this system can’t be fitted to some very late cars which use Can-Bus to control some of the features in the car for example the lighting or the wipers. You should always ask a professional before getting this unit installed as its very involved to find on many cars and vans.