Audi A3 Alarm Upgrade

Your Audi A3 might have an alarm as standard but the siren is very quiet and can’t be heard in busy area’s when your vehicle is being attacked. The S Line models normally have the leather bucket style seats along with the high spec RNS multimedia radio system. These parts are a massive target in these vehicles and you should think about upgrading the security as fast as possible. There are two very unique security set up’s we can offer you for this vehicle. The first option is a Cobra system that works with the original key when you lock the vehicle the alarm automatically talks to the data line on the vehicle and arms, and when unlocking the alarm simply disarms. This will protect the most important part the vehicles interior and it will protects the doors, boot and bonnet for maximum protection.

The other choice you have is a more advanced data system which is the Viper set up. This communicates to the remote fob letting you know if your vehicle has been broken into or if a sensor has triggered. You can simply push a couple of buttons to check and see if you have locked the vehicle. The Viper alarm can have all the extra’s like dual zone proximity for example or an added tilt sensor. The best upgrade you can have fitted with the Viper is the glass break sensor this will give you the very best security for your Audi A3.