BMW Viper Alarms Essex

With the increased amount of vehicle thefts in the local Essex area. BMW’s are being targeted once again, its no real surprise after the BMW 3, 5 series and X5 are in the top 10 stolen vehicle list. We offer a range of alarms from Clifford and Viper which will wrap your BMW in total protection. You may ask how does our alarms offer such good protection? for example we can offer the 2 way Clifford or Viper ( Same alarm ) which offers dual way communication meaning if your BMW is attacked your remote control will alert you by flashing, vibrating and sounding a warning tone. This gives you ultimate piece of mind when leaving your vehicle. The 2 way communication works for up to 2000ft away from your BMW vehicle, meaning you can even be out of ear shot of the siren but you will still be alerted.

We integrate with your BMW’s electrics with a Can-Bus module known as DB All. This allows the Viper and Clifford alarms to work with all the main components in the vehicle such as doors, boot, bonnet and the door locking. This means when you press the lock button the Viper or Clifford remote the vehicle will lock and press unlock and it will unlock the vehicle. We can also offer an LCD pager remote which is charged via USB. This is a great remote control due to knowing if you have locked or unlocked the vehicle by simply looking at the LCD screen. In the event if an warn away trigger it will let you know if its the warn away or a full system trigger by telling you on the display. The charge on this remote control lasts for ages and it simply looks the part when your arming and disarming your Viper alarm system.

Are the Viper and Clifford systems different? No they are exactly the same alarm system. The only difference is the remote controls, out the 2 I would say the Viper LCD remote control looks the best out of all the systems on the market. We supply and fit all Viper systems on BMW’s in the local Essex area, you can call us on 07525 068291 to book an appointment.