Car alarm repair essex

Been getting false alarms or your car has immobilised and can’t start it? When a car alarm gets old it can cause problems if the alarm has not been serviced or its been installed badly, one point to note is just because an alarm fitter says he is a professional it doesn’t mean he is. We have seen some very bad installations which have been down to a low priced Thatcham cat 1 alarm these alarms take a great deal of time to install and you should make sure the alarm fitter is not cheap and is taking his time on your installation. Some car alarms can be repaired and some have to be removed due to no longer being able to get replacement parts in the UK.

We can fully remove aftermarket alarms and immobiliser systems in Essex. The removal time is unknown due to us not being the original fitters of the alarm, Some engineers do a quick job when fitting an alarm so this makes it much easier for us to remove. We can supply new Sirens, Bonnet Pins,LED’s,Alarm ECU’s.