Citroen Relay&Fiat Ducato Alarm Upgrade

If you have a Citroen Relay or Fiat Ducato made after 2007 you should be looking to upgrade the security on your vehicle. These have been getting targeted the same as many Ford’s and the method they use is lock picking with a ghost key. Years ago many people would break into van’s by hammering the lock casing or  by smashing a window but now with advanced lock picking tools these vans can be opened in seconds. With these being a large van they know the van will carry some value inside. With a Cobra alarm upgrade you can have the alarm working from the original remote fob. This means when you lock the vehicle the whole van will be protected by a Thatcham approved alarm system, this covers the doors, bonnet and the rear/sliding doors along with the vehicles cabin which is protected by movement sensors.

These vehicles should have a Can-Bus alarm installed due to these reading all the vehicles commands on the data line and this in turn means it’s the most reliable solution for this vehicle. with a powerful 118db siren you will hear this alarm sounding and it will give you complete piece of mind when leaving your vehicle.