It’s been known for many years in the UK, It was featured in Max Power and Fast Car on a monthly basis to make sure everyone kept there car protected without spending massive amounts of cash. The idea behind this system was a pin number that is entered if the car door is opened when the ignition is switched on. The blackjax system starts counting down and chirps from the siren can be heard if the pin number is not entered within 30 seconds the engine will cut out and the siren will sound along with the indicator lights flashing.

This was a fantastic system back in the day when car wiring was not as advanced as it is today. On some vehicles this system simply can’t be installed due to the fact there is no normal ignition or fuel wiring most of the wiring in new cars is done by Can-Bus and there are much newer systems like the Viper and Clifford range with the added Can-Bus system which works perfectly due to the fact it was designed for the vehicle. The Blackjax system will still work very well on older cars and it is perfect for special one of a kind kit cars to keep you safe in the event of a hi jacking. The blackjax system comes with a long warranty and is very well made by Clifford and it is the best anti hi jacking device available on the market.