Cobra-4138-ReviewThe Italian made Thatcham Cat 1 alarm is one of the best manufactured and designed Cat 1 alarms in the world, With a loud siren and the most secure immobiliser system possible, You may ask why is this immobiliser not within the main alarm ECU, The reason being the immobiliser ECU is sealed with epoxy and it is mounted within very secure ABS plastic it would be impossible to break into the car or van and try to bypass this immobiliser unit within a small amount of time. The Cobra ECU’s are a digital handshake connection between the two units to give the best vehicle security on the market today. All these systems come with a full 3 years manufactures warranty as standard. The quality of the system is outstanding every part is moulded correctly and very nice high amperage wiring is used but it has a very thin wire casing which is perfect for hiding within a vehicles wiring harness.

The ultrasonic sensors unlike other systems are auto adjusting meaning false alarms really are a thing of the past, Other systems still use a manual adjuster and this technolgy is now outdated, The Cobra remote control fobs which control the main system use a new secure rolling code which is called ACE to stop the code on the alarm being cloned. This alarm also has auto re-arm unlike many others meaning if the vehicle is unlocked by mistake it will auto relock and auto re-arm within 60 seconds to provent any form of vehicle theft on your car or van.