Cobra 4198

The Cobra 4198 not only saves you money, but it offers superior protection. The only difference between the 4198 and the 4138 is the immobiliser module. Meaning it still features a full battery back up siren, full on-board locking, ultra sonic interior protection. The Cobra 4198 is made in Italy and has the same build quality as any other alarm system. The remote controls are built from ultra strong ABS plastic meaning you will struggle to break these. Even builders have trouble.

The alarm has a very neat pin override system in the event of you needing to turn the alarm off in an emergency, This is done by entering a 4 digit security code into the Cobra override LED. This means you could have lost every remote fob and you can still turn the alarm on and off.

The only downside is this alarm doesn’t feature the electronic boot pop wire unlike the Cobra 4138. This wire is used to link into an electronic switch on your vehicles dashboard. Once pressed the boot will pop open. We can supply and install the Cobra 4198 Thatcham Cat 2>1 alarm in Essex and surrounding areas.