Cobra Can Bus Alarm ReviewThe Cobra Can-Bus alarm is suited to new vehicles made after 2005 this system works on a mix of Can-Bus data control and manual feed wires, This system works perfect on all Can-Bus vehicles and if there is any problem on the Can-Bus line it can be wired to a plip upgrade system if needed. The system features a wireless bluetooth 118 DB siren which can’t be attacked due to it talking to the main Cobra alarm ECU via a wireless connection at all times when armed. It comes with white headlining ultrasonic sensors as standard to match most vehicle headling, If yours is a black or grey colour we can also get these sensors ordered to match for a seemless installation in your vehicle.

This alarm can have extra remote fobs programmed in if your worried about your original remote fob breaking and not being able to disarm the system, This should not be a worry though as the Cobra Can-Bus system comes with a 4 digit pin number which you simply enter by the Cobra flashing LED it has a little button which can be pressed a number of times for each digit. All Cobra products are made in Italy and there fail rate is close to zero, Engineers class Cobra alarms as fit and forget they really are that reliable. The system has self adjusting ultrasonic sensors which set there level of adjustment when arming. There are no false alarms with Cobra systems due to them using the most advanced sensors.