CAT28510The Cobra Cat 2 Immobiliser system is very secure as standard with it’s welded steel closed box and its black wiring loom once fitted into your vehicle it makes it very hard for someone to attempt and try to bypass this system, Its a very reliable and rock solid piece of equipment from Cobra being the largest security brand in the world you can be assured this is the very best immobiliser system to suit your vehicle. It doesn’t matter if it’s a classic car or a new vehicle which you require that extra piece of mind.

How do you know the system is armed when leaving the vehicle? within 30 seconds of you turning the ignition off the immobiliser system triggers and then the push key fob needs to be touched on the LED to turn the system off this will then allow you another 30 seconds to start the vehicle.

We get asked all the time if we can change the delay time and the simple answer is no, Due to this product being Thatcham approved it has to arm after 30 seconds to make the Thatcham testing valid on the product. You can view our range of immobilisers Here