cobra g193 reviewThe Cobra G series is the most advanced Cobra alarm systems ever made, It uses ACE rolling code remotes which stops the code being caught and being used against your car. They have also included the latest ultrasonic set within the Cobra G193’s box which auto adjusts to the exact size of the vehicle within the first 40 seconds of arming the alarm when leaving the vehicle. This makes sure the interior sensors are not over adjusted and this in turn means you won’t suffer from any false alarms from loud vehicles,exhausts or the vehicle rocking from road movement. The Cobra G193 does have a very nice small siren which don’t have a battery back up on board but the siren is still loud at 115db at 1 meter. This siren is also very compact which means it will fit in the smallest of engine bays without any issues.

The system has the Cobra remotes which have a rubber key band and have been proven to last many years without any hassle arming or disarming the system, These remotes also have a very good power saving feature and the CR2032 battery can last up to around 3 years.

This is a stunning basic alarm and will provide the very best protection at a lower price point over the regular Thatcham cat 1 systems. Cobra still give a full 3 year warranty on all there car security range, With the product being made in Italy you know you are buying a very high quality product.