Cobra G198 ReviewThe Cobra G198 is a Thatcham 2-1 Thatcham approved alarm which don’t work off the original remote controls, It has 2 remote controls that come with the unit programmed as standard. The way the system works is alongside the vehicles original car or vans immobiliser system if the vehicle was made after 1996, This is the perfect alarm system if your vehicle has no remote fobs as standard but has central door locking for example. The Cobra G198 is fully Thatcham approved which means it carries the full battery back up siren and the very secure Ace rolling code remotes so the code can’t be cloned.

The system now comes with very strong ABS plastic fobs as standard and these are one of the strongest alarm remotes we have come across even builders have trouble breaking them. An ADR card can be added to this system as a 2 stage disarm feature where you can unlock the car or van from the Cobra remote but the alarm has to see the ADR card within 30 seconds of disarming, otherwise the alarm will sound.