Cobra Parking Sensor Review

Cobra have been a market leader in the vehicle security world for well over 20 years, but many customers don’t know Cobra produce some of the very best parking sensors in the world and they are also fitted to many German vehicles at the factory when new. Cobra use advanced market leading technology in all there parking sensor kits with advanced programming which can be used if there is a tow bar or the vehicle is very low to the ground. With the new style flush mount sensors they simply look outstanding when fitted to a new vehicle and they look so nice you wouldn’t even know the kit has been fitted aftermarket.

The sensors come in many different types such as a normal 21 mm sensor head which simply clips into the bumper and gives a very nice finish or the 17mm flush mount sensor type which is mounted from the rear of the bumper giving the really nice flush effect. The sensor kits come with a buzzer as standard and start detecting objects from 1.5 meters away giving you more than enough warning of any objects which may be in your vehicles path. The sensors come in certain kits which are designed for either the front or rear of the vehicle and the sensors come in a gloss black as standard meaning they can be sprayed to match the vehicles body colour if needed. You won’t find better sensors than Cobra and they also give a long warranty period to back up there high quality claims.