The Italy made Tracking systems are very reliable and they are one of the best on the market, With there anti jamming gps and anti jamming GSM they are very secure to have fitted onto your vehicle. The Cobratrak systems are suggested by Audi, Seat, Renualt,Hummer, Bugatti, Bentley and Nissan. Cobra is the largest security tracking brand in the world and they have a very good call center in the event of a vehicle theft, Most vehicles are recovered within 22mins which is a very fast response time.

The subscription charges are £139 for 1 year and £389 for the lifetime of vehicle ownership but please take note this excludes classic vehicles. The CobraTrak has an inbuilt tilt sensor to alert the tracking headoffice if your vehicle is lifted to be towed away. The main advantage with this unit is the multi roaming sim card which changes networks at all times to find the strongest signal this is a major weak point in most tracking systems.

Cobra can track your vehicle over 36 european countrys which gives you total security if your vehicle is shipped oversea’s by a container. The Cobra unit has an inbuilt battery to still give tracking infomation if the vehicle battery is disconneted at any point.