When you own a motorbike it is not always used it might be a summer or weekend toy, Keeping the battery in a good state of charge can sometimes be a challenge in itself, The Datatool smart charger will always keep your battery in a fully charged state and it will only start recharging once the battery level drops to make sure the battery doesn’t get damaged or it is wasting energy. It has a fully protected power charging loop which means if the power is disconnected or the positive and negative wires touch it will stop the power from reaching the bikes battery.

Some battery chargers can’t bring your battery back to life if it has been in a very bad discharged state but the Datatool smart charger takes charging to a new level once again by giving a very small slow charge. It can charge at 1 lexapro cost.2 amps if needed. If the smart charger detects a problem whilst charging it will stop and flash an LED on the front of the charger to let you know what is wrong.