The Datatool S1 Thatcham approved Cat 2 immobiliser is perfect for older or newer style Motorbikes and Scooters, The main immobiliser ECU is solid ABS plastic which helps provent bypassing in an attack. The immobiliser loop sits behind plastic trim anywhere on the motorbike or scooter making it very hard for someone to walk up to the vehicle with your keys and try to start the bike and ride away.

The microchip which disarms the immobiliser simply sits on your keys or it can be on a neck tag, once the immobiliser is sensing the microchip it engages the immobiliser loops and once it’s been seen the bike will keep running until you turn the iginition off. This is great if you are worried about being hi jacked off your bike as the bike will still run but once the ignition has been shut down you won’t be able to start it without the microchip. The datatool S1 only has a very small current draw once armed making it perfect for scooter installations.