Did you know your motorbike has twice the chance of getting stolen over a car. Datatool have put there best engineering into this product to make sure you have a really well hidden tracking device that is small and very hard to find. The Datatool Trakking product is fully Thatcham approved Cat 6 and you will be please to hear it doesn’t record your speed at anytime which is a must have on a sports bike due to other tracking systems providing the police with your exact speed in the event of a claim or request by the local law.

It has next to no current draw so it can be fitted to your bike and the battery won’t get drained within days. The system features a movement sensor which will trigger an alert if the bike is picked up or moved without the bike being started, And the best part about this tracking system is the main tracking unit is waterproof which means it can be mounted in any place on your motorbike.