DEI 508D manual

The DEI 508D is the dual zone proximity sensor suited to all Viper and Clifford alarm systems to give you the very best security for your pride and joy. The dual zone proximity means it protects 2 zones around your vehicle. The outer zone is set up to make a warn away tone if some one walks to close to the car or van window glass to warn them there is an alarm fitted on your vehicle. And the inner zone is the main interior which you want to protect. There are two main adjustment ports located on the box. You should always set both to zero when setting the DEI 508. You need to first adjust the outer zone by turning the left screw and only making small adjustments each time. You need to arm the system and check each setting before adjusting the right pot.

Once the warn away is set up correctly you then need to leave the left pot alone and start setting up the inner zone by adjusting the pot on the right. Make only very small adjustments and make sure you test each setting fully this setting is the most important as it could cause nothing but stress if it’s done wrong. The DEI 508D can be linked to many types of vehicles and alarm systems.