DEI Bitwriter Review

Why choose an engineer with an official Clifford bitwriter tool when installing your most advanced security system. The system can be set up in a more advanced way when using this tool due to being able to adjust settings you wouldn’t be able to with a regular alarm programming menu. If you have ever tried to program a basic setting on a viper or clifford you will know how hard it can be to simply turn siren bleeps on or off. With the official tool that plugs directly into the side on the main alarm module they can be programmed within seconds which saves time and also the possible user error of programming a wrong menu watching LED flashes or counting siren bleeps. The biggest advantage is also programming a selected customer pin number which can be a random combination and selection of any number up to nine.

The siren can also be programmed to run for an extended time over the standard 30 seconds on non Thatcham approved Clifford and Viper systems. This advanced tool from Directed can also diagnose an alarm if it’s false alarming by showing which zone is triggering the alarm. Running off a small 9v battery which lasts for years you can be assured buying this tool is worth while if your interested in programming your system so it’s unique to you.