Digitek Motorbike Alarm

The Digitek Motorbike alarm system is a very high quality alarm from Italy but it features an extra security advantage where a PIR sensor can be mounted in your garage or bike shed and it will have a digital wireless link to the motorbike alarm and when it detects movement in your garage or shed the motorbike alarm will trigger the 120DB siren, And these alarms are very loud when sounding. It also comes with an override key which will help if you have a flat battery in your control fob. This is another feature many other alarm systems don’t have.

The Digitek alarm systems are fully Thatcham Cat 1 approved and have been given an award from the police as a secure design which gives you extra piece of mind and security. The alarm has a tilt and motion sensor but it don’t feature a shock sensor to stop any forms of false alarms. The product is very well designed and it’s currently the best on the market.