VW Audi Alarm and Deadlocking DisableAudi and VW vehicles from 2004 have been getting targeted in many ways but the latest trick which is being used is a quick and easy method to completely enter the vehicle with no noise or alarms sounding. The way people are gaining access into these cars is they are getting under the front of the vehicle and disconnecting the oil pressure sensor. Once this sensor is unplugged all that’s needed is a simple 12volt feed direct which in turn brings on the ignition and disables the deadlocking and the original Audi/VW alarm which is a major floor within the original security system. The vehicle can be entered with no damage with the correct tools and this then allows programming of a new car key allowing the vehicle to be driven away.

Some alarms such as the Clifford and Cobra trigger once the ignition is turned on which gives you the best possible chance in protecting your vehicle. Aftermarket security is the very best route with this form of attack becoming very common.