Fiat 500 Alarm UpgradeThe Fiat 500 is a very large target in the local area due to the parts being very expensive on the 2nd hand market. Once these cars are stolen you won’t normally see them on the road again they get striped down in a warehouse in most cases. They break into these cars by drilling a small hole near the key barrel and once the hole is drilled they can simply pop the lock in seconds. once this is done they can recode a new key into the vehicle or swap over the ECU. Which means they can start the vehicle and drive away, and the worrying thing is no visible damage is done other than a small hole in the drivers door. I am guessing your now worried about leaving your Fiat 500 knowing it could be stolen very quickly.

We have a fantastic alarm upgrade which works perfectly on this vehicle by using the original Fiat 500 remote locking fob. When you lock the doors the alarm becomes armed and when you unlock the doors the alarm disarms. This system is a data alarm which doesn’t change the way the vehicle works in any way, The only parts you will notice is a small sleek Cobra LED and two ultrasonic sensors which sit at the top of the a pillar and these detect movement within the vehicle if the glass is smashed to gain entry. This alarm protects all doors and the boot along with the bonnet, and the most important part is it doesn’t disarm by the drivers door lock. It can only be disarmed by the original Fiat 500 remote control or the Cobra pin override. This system gives you complete piece of mind along with being a full Thatcham Cat 1 approved system.