Ford Fiesta MK8

These cars are a massive target due to the simple flat key design they are very easy to open the drivers door within 15 seconds. The downside to this major fail in original security is if it has the standard Ford horn alarm it will also disarm this also. You now have a opened vehicle with no noise or damage. With another 45 seconds work they can program a new key to the vehicles ECU immobiliser or they can simply swap the vehicles ECU to steal your vehicle. This is a major problem with all new cars they can simply have a computer plugged in and nothing more is needed to steal the car from your driveway.

We do offer 2 types of alarm systems depending on your budget and if you simply want the best.

a4615The Cobra Can-Bus plip Upgrade – This system has been fully approved by Fords as a fully dealer approved product and they support it being installed to your new MK7/MK8 Ford, This system can’t be disarmed by the drivers door lock and will sound a 118DB siren if the lock barrel senses anyone unlocking it. This system works alongside the original Ford remote control meaning you lock your vehicle as normal and it arms the alarm and when you unlock your vehicle it disarms the Cobra alarm system. You don’t need to program anymore remote control fobs into the Cobra system as it reads the data on the vehicle Can-Bus line.

Clifford 330 Thatcham Cat 1 UKThe Clifford 330X offers security like no other offering a bright blue LED and shock sensors as standard along with ultrasonic sensors which protect the vehicles interior while the vehicle is armed. The clifford  system is programmed to your exact vehicle to read the data at all times and work alongside it with no issues. This system works with the original remote control like the Cobra system and offers extra sensor features like Dual zone proximity sensing and Tilt to protect your alloy wheels.

You can view our Thatcham approved Cat 2-1 systems (Click)