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The Ford Focus RS and ST models are becoming much more of a target with being able to program a new key and simply drive your vehicle away. Customers think there car is protected with the alarm Ford has fitted as factory standard on the vehicle. But the problem is like every other car on the road once one vehicle is bypassed it doesn’t take long before all the cars in your area start getting stolen. The Focus RS and ST models are very quick to steal much like the BMW issue which was featured on Watchdog last year.

We have a couple of options for this vehicle a Cobra alarm with anti hi jack installed which is fully Thatcham approved and comes with a tilt sensor which gives you complete high end security and the vehicle can’t be started with just the keys. or you can take the route of the Viper system which has the added advantage of dual zone proximity which warns people away before they even touch the vehicle.

When choosing a security system you should think about the features your looking for the most common requirements are Thatcham approval which may discount your vehicle insurance, Digital tilt sensors which protect the vehicle from being towed or jacked up to steal the alloy wheels. You may live in a bad area and want to be alerted when your warn away or alarm is sounding and the Viper offer’s complete protection by having 2 way remote controls. This means when an alert sounds on your car it also alerts you on your Viper remote key fob.