The Ford Focus ST MK3 is a big concern owning one without any form of additional security. The MK3 Focus ST comes with a standard alarm factory fitted but it doesn’t provide much in terms of protection against the latest craze used by thieves ( Known as key cloning ). The Cobra ADR alarm and immobiliser work in addition to the existing security on the vehicle meaning all the original system is left as per factory standard. We add an additional 118db siren with a full onboard battery back up, this means even if the power is cut to the siren it will keep sounding without any form of power from the vehicle.

The Cobra ADR is very cleaver in the way it will only allow the alarm system to go into a pre disarmed state when unlocking with the original key. If the ADR card is not in range the 30 second count down will begin until the alarm fully sounds. During this delay period the vehicle will not be able to start at all until the Cobra ADR card is in range of the vehicle.

If the vehicle is attacked such as a door, boot or bonnet the alarm will trigger instantly. The only time this alarm has a delay is during unlocking with an original programmed Ford key. The ADR card simply sits on the vehicles key ring at all times. The only servicing the system requires is a replacement CR2032 battery after around 18months of use.

If you would like a Cobra ADR alarm installed onto your Ford Focus ST or RS you can give us a call on 07525 068291. We are fully mobile and travel to you in the local Essex area.