You are more than likely aware the Ford Transit Custom and Ford Transit MK8 are having there drivers door locks ripped from the door or simply twisted to the left in order to gain access in to your vehicle without making a sound. This simple attack method takes seconds for anyone to carry out with a pair of mole grips. Mobile Car Alarms Essex professionally install a new solid metal cased lock with 2 bezels. This is designed to spin if a pair of mole grips are placed onto the lock cylinder. Meaning they can’t get enough force to twist it or rip it from the drivers door housing.

The Ford Transit MK8 2014 onwards lacks security such as a decent alarm and door lock upgrades, mobile car alarms essex can carry out a full alarm upgrade which arms and disarms via the original remote control but WILL NOT disarm via the drivers door lock, and packed with a 118db siren you can rest assured you will hear the alarm sounding. We also offer the drivers door rep lock upgrade ( WITH BEZEL ) in order to make sure they can’t use the most common mole grip attack on your vehicle.

If you are very worried you can also add the Thatcham approved deadlocks onto the sliding and rear barn doors for total piece of mind and security. Mobile Car Alarms Essex are fully approved and insured to carry out all these must have / required upgrades in the Essex area.