Ford Lock PickThere has been major issues with Ford’s being broken into in the Essex area. This is due to a large amount of thieves having Ford lock picks. There a cheap tool you can buy online which allows you to decode the lock cylinder on the drivers door. This applies to all the ford range of vehicles from 1993 – 2016 which leaves a major security issue out in the open. The vehicles effected are Fiesta, Focus, Transit, Custom, Connect and many more such as Jaguar vehicles that use the same key type.

The problem with many Ford alarm systems is they can be turned off via the drivers door lock meaning when you pick the lock and turn the key to the unlock position the factory alarm system doesn’t sound. This is a major problem because a thief can open your vehicle without making a sound. I would advise adding as much security to your Ford as possible such as a Car Alarm which can’t be de-activated from the original Ford locking system. A tracking device will help massively in terms of fast vehicle recovery.

There are also other methods such as anti pick door locks which replace the factory door lock cylinder, for a very high security cylinder which fights against lock picking, it is aways advisable to add as much security as possible so you don’t become a target.