Fiat Ducato MotorHome Can Bus Alarm

The most advanced alarm the motor home market has ever seen. With an alarm designed with your vehicle in mind how can you go wrong choosing the Gemini Thatcham Approved alarm system. With a special mount made just for the siren and bonnet switch you can be assured no holes will be drilled in your metal work under the bonnet meaning you won’t effect your Fiat Ducato anti corrosion warranty. The sensors are very sleek and they are completely wireless meaning no messy cable runs in your living area or damage done routing cables. The alarm comes with an additional remote key fob which can be linked into the original vehicles central door locking meaning you have a spare fob which can control locking on the front and the rear habitation door if it’s linked into the original central locking.

With this system being fully Thatcham approved and it being designed only for the Ducato it’s a good move to choose this system over many other which offer similar security but are universal. The system also comes with a programming tag and disarm tool in case the original vehicle fob gets lost or damaged. You can also take advantage of linking this alarm into a tracker system which will send an alert once the alarm is triggered. With the ability to disarm the interior sensors while sleeping the rest of the vehicle can remain protected without the worry of a force entry while sleeping.