How are BMW stolen by OBD

BMW’s have been in the news for a while now regarding how easy they are to steal. They used to require a very expensive diagnostic machine which would program a new key into the vehicle to control the door locking and alarm and will be able to start the vehicle. But now in China someone has made a device for $30 which will do exactly the same job as an expensive machine. This makes the whole problem a lot worse due to the devices being more affordable for people who are at the lower end of car crime. The first method they use to steal your vehicle is by breaking the drivers window this can be with a glass hammer or spark plug first of all the window is taped to not cause a change in pressure to the vehicles interior which would cause the BMW original alarm to trigger. Once the drivers window is removed they can slide there arm down and plug in there cheap $30 diagnostic key programmer and simply code in a new key. This process normally takes around 1-2 mins and once this is done they can unlock the vehicle and release the handbrake.

Once the handbrake is free they can roll the vehicle off the owners drive way and start the vehicle up down the road meaning you won’t hear a thing while your sleeping. We can offer you security packages from two of the most well known brands Cobra, Clifford. These systems are custom made and tailored for your vehicle and requirements. For example the Cobra package is a fully Thatcham approved alarm system with OBD immobilisation and ADR cards mean the alarm won’ disarm until it not only see’s the BMW remote but it has to also see the ADR card before fully disarming. This is a great system even if your keys are stolen.

The Clifford and Viper packages are very similar by which I mean only the remote controls are different. These are very good packages which can offer an alarm or remote start and security. Clifford and Viper can also bypass the OBD port from any programming while the vehicle is locked and alarmed. The good features with these alarms is you can have dual zone proximity which will chirp if someone walks up to the drivers or passengers windows alerting people your vehicle is protected by a high end security system.