So you have brought a Defender and now you are worried sick about leaving the vehicle or it getting stolen. The answer is you should be!

This is one of the top 10 vehicles to get stolen in the UK and they are very simple to bypass the original security system which is a basic immobiliser and horn alarm. Most insurance companies won’t even accept the standard immobiliser and request a Thatcham Cat 2 must be installed to increase security.

I would always suggest adding a Thatcham alarm to make the vehicle a lot harder to steal, A Thatcham Cat 1 will give you an additional immobiliser and a loud 118DB siren which is loud to warn anyone nearby that your vehicle is being attacked. you can also add tilt sensors in case the vehicle is stolen by a tow truck simply driving it away. you can view our Thatcham alarms

If you don’t think an alarm is going to give you the security you need I would suggest adding a Tracker, We have found some stunning locations which would take hours of striping the vehicle down to find and this is the sort of installation¬†you want on this type of vehicle.