With the Defenders still being a very highly targeted vehicle in the UK even insurance companies are suggesting a tracker before insuring you. This is due to the Land rover Defender being such a good cost high ticket item to steal due to them never loosing value and they remain a good vehicle for any off roading activities. Once stolen these vehicles are shipped over to a different country due to them being such a good vehicle abroad. The Defenders are very basic inside which makes it a lot harder for the engineer to hide the tracking unit in a good location. That is why it’s very important to allow the engineer enough time and make sure you are getting an engineer that knows these vehicles inside out so you can get the best installation possible and make it as difficult as possible for anyone to find the tracking unit.

The good part about having an insurance tracker installed is the unit has an internal tilt and motion sensor and a common practice used by thefts to steal these vehicles is to push the vehicle off a drive way then start it down the road or just to use a recovery truck and take the vehicle. With the tracker having a motion and tilt sensor it triggers an alert instantly if the vehicle moves the call center which monitor the Defender will call you and ask if the vehicle is authorised to be moved in this way, if it isn’t you will need to get a crime reference number and the tracking center can deal directly with the police to recover the vehicle as quickly as possible.

The tracker is fully Thatcham approved which means you will have to pay a subscription cost to cover the costs of your vehicle being looked after 24 hours a day and 365 days per year. one years subscription will cost you £149 or lifetime of the Defenders ownership will cost £399.