laserline-921k ReviewLaserline have been known as world class leading providers in vehicle security since the stone ages. The Laserline 921 K is a 12 volt immobiliser which offers the full Thatcham Cat 2 approval when fitted by an approved Laserline engineer. The system is one of the smallest immobiliser ECU’s ever seen in the vehicle security industry meaning it can be hidden to the extremes within the vehicles dashboard. With all black wiring its perfect for stopping a thief in his tracks.

The LED is really nice only being the size of a 1p coin it sits perfectly on your vehicles dashboard. When entering the vehicle you simply place the ultra secure touch key onto the led and the vehicle when then be able to start. You can never fear of not arming your immobiliser due to it being automatic and it will self arm after 30 seconds of turning your vehicles ignition off. The system comes with 2 touch keys as standard and up to 4 can be added to the system in total. The great part I like about this system is the emergency pin code override meaning you can enter a secret 4 digit pin code via the vehicles ignition barrel if you loose all touch keys meaning you vehicle can be started.

The system is ultra secure and the touch keys can’t be cloned unlike many other systems on the market. We offer  a full 3 year warranty on this system when we supply and fit at your home or workplace in Essex.