MetaTrak cat5The Meta Trak Cat 5 has risen to one of the top tracking systems supplied in the UK. Due to it being very cost effective in terms of subscriptions it wins over many customers. With all new devices we are offering a 1 years free subscription with every Thatcham Cat 5 tracker fitted. After the first year it is only a further £150 per year. Making this device ultra cheap to run in the long term for your prestige vehicle. The Meta system has an outstanding iPhone and Android app which gives you the ability to log into your smartphone and check your vehicles location. You have the ability to check the battery voltage and vehicle history which is stored on the Meta server.

Meta have been known for there outstanding product quality and reliability. The Meta technology in the Thatcham Cat 5 unit is the same as BMW’s factory fitted telematics unit giving you total piece of mind when having this installed. All major insurance companies are now accepting this device as a fully approved Thatcham Cat 5. The Meta Trak 5 is normally used on high end vehicles such as the Range Rover Overfinch and Sport, and many other high value vehicles. The Cat 5 has starter motor immobilisation meaning in the event of the vehicle being stolen the vehicle can be shut down by the police to stop the vehicle from making a quick get away.

With the ability to transfer the Thatcham Cat 5 over to another vehicle at a later date it makes it very worth while investing in this device. The Meta Trak 5 comes with a 3 year warranty meaning you have complete piece of mind when you get this device installed. The ADR cards that come with the system are ultra small and are very sleek to keep on you, allowing you to drive your vehicle without the worry of alerts from the call center.

Mobile Car Alarms Essex carry out Meta Trak 5 installations in the local Essex area.